Estate sale, organize your life

Estate sale, organize your life
No worries?

Artifacts archive handling costs

Estate sale expenses vary due to the size of your room and belongings capacity charges.
Special tasks such as mementos after your room deodorizer, disinfectant and sterilization are chargeable.
If you wish the Buddha at the beautiful fees.
The free quote, so please feel free to.
The cost is cheap! Service satisfaction! We will respond in the motto.

Confirm in advance matters
○ What want to waste disposal
○ products you use to intact families and belongings to 形見分ke
○ you wish the Buddha relics
○ you buy removing products
○ other requirement

From the request work flow

* With confidence because we have relic appraiser of relic specialists authorized by relics specialists accreditation association qualified personnel belongings and ask for organizing everything during one's life.